Our perspective on supply chain

Our task is to understand the big picture – and to use it as a basis for creating simple solutions.

For us, the focus is always on the customer

Our role is to use our expertise in supply chain management to maximise profits for our customers.

Simplicity is an art

Our experience has taught us that simple solutions lead to better results and make it easier to adapt to changes in the future. Adding features is often seen as the easy way out. “The more, the better” and “the solution lies in increased resources” represent a mindset that few dare to question. To take the opposite approach – to streamline, discard and simplify – requires courage and a way of thinking that is both critical and constructive.

There is too little focus on the big picture

It’s easy to improve little details here and there. But improving the whole requires a great deal more experience and expertise if you are to avoid sub-optimisation. Without a full understanding of the big picture, the overall result will never be as good as it can be.

Make space for flexibility

In a reality that constantly changes companies needs to be flexible. Solution that are optimal "here and now" can be very costly when conditions changes, and that can happen quickly.

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