MA-system Consulting makes a thorough diagnosis of your business

MA-system Consulting is a specialist in Business Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Our success is based on helping customers to significantly improve profitability within a short timescale. We analyse our customers’ businesses and propose concrete measures that form the basis for informed decision-making and a smoother change process. 

A leading value creator and problem solver

MA-system has helped several of Sweden’s leading companies to boost profitability and improve efficiency. Our philosophy is simple: to improve your business, you need to take a holistic view that reduces the risk of sub-optimising specific parts of your activities at the expense of operations as a whole.

Experience has taught us what works. It’s important to prioritise changes and implement them in the correct order. That way, you achieve your goals more quickly and with less risk. We believe in short, well defined projects that are combined with a programme of improvements that can be continuously measured.

If you would like to find out more, email us at consulting@masystem.com  or call +46 46 329000.

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