Textile recycling using scenario tool from MA-system

Textile recycling using scenario tool from MA-system
Sysav has for a number of years run a project to create the world's first large-scale plant for sorting textiles, called Siptex. Sysav will now take Siptex from having been a large-scale test and pilot plant to a full production system.

The plant is housed in a large facility in the port of Malmö and Sysav needed help to do an analysis of how large space the plant needed, based on different scenarios with much higher material flows.

MA systems helped Sysav to develop a scenario tool where Sysav can enter various basic parameters for the material flow. The tool then generates a forecast for the impact on the material flow handled in the facility based on a number of scenarios and space requirements. We also presented our views and suggestions on how material handling can be structured and developed in the facility.

We at MA-system are happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Sysav in this important project to enable increased recycling of clothes and fabrics.