New Logistics Consultants at MA-system Consulting

New Logistics Consultants at MA-system Consulting
Since the beginning of the year, Josephine Falkenberg Olsson and Erik Flink have helped MA-system customers to become more profitable using efficient logistics and smarter processes.

Josephine holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Södertörn University and a Master in Logistics from KTH. Before joining MA-system Consulting, Josephine worked as Continuous Improvement Manager at Berendsen in Malmö. Because Josephine has worked with improvement work using the Lean philosophies and process development using system support, we get in-depth skills that many of our customers will benefit from.

Erik is a civil engineer in Industrial Economics and has been a trainee at ABB. Through work in both production and sales, he has a broad knowledge base that fits the MA-system's basic vision of an overall perspective on the supply chain. Erik will primarily help our clients with project management and optimization of logistics and inventory management.

We welcome Josephine and Erik to MA-system Consulting!