eLift winner in the German Innovation Awards 2022!

eLift winner in the German Innovation Awards 2022!
We are delighted to announce that we've won a German Innovation Award for our new e-learning for lift operators, eLift in the “Excellence in Business to Business” category.

The German Innovation Awards honor products, technologies and services that break new ground in innovation. Solutions that clearly stand out from the crowd thanks to their added value for users and the environment. The entries are evaluated based on the criteria: level of innovation, user benefits and efficiency.

eLift is mobile e-learning for MEWP safe operations theory. With a focus on improving operator efficiency and safety eLift increase retention of important information, whilst it at the same time shortens practical training time. Through a combination of smart design, interactivity and engaging storytelling, eLift brings difficult topics to life, creating a dramatic learning experience for students. The course follows a single work day and the students know that an accident will occur at some point but - not when or how. They start to figure how it might happen, and without realizing it, learn how to identify and avoid risks related to MEWP operation.

More information about eLift can be found in the “Winners” section on www.german-innovation-award.de: https://www.german-innovation-award.de/en/winners/preis/gewinner/elift/

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